Curriculum Overview

Our programs are very highly regarded, resulting in our selection as a Centre for Excellence Centre School in the Explicit Teaching of Literacy in 2023. We expertly implement explicit teaching approaches that are innovative and reflect current best practice in education. 

At Warriapendi Primary School, best practices inform our teaching pedagogy with an emphasis on both explicit teaching and linking play-based learning with intentionality. Our early years’ programs foster diversity and nurture children’s development across five key domains: mathematical thinking, language and communication, physical development, executive functions, and social and emotional learning. The middle and upper years’ programs take a strategic approach to fostering student independence, resilience, and leadership through a focus on core skills in English and Mathematics. We are responsive to students’ learning needs, making adjustments to enhance learning and holding high expectations for student success, using fine-grain datasets to monitor and support individual progress.

Our students experience a variety of excursions and incursions, special theme days and school events which encourage them to participate in a wide range of extra-curricular activities and programs that develop student leadership skills and resilience. Our specialist teaching areas include: Science, Technology, Physical Education, Music and Indonesian.

At Warriapendi Primary School we value partnerships between students, staff, families and the community and embrace them as major influences within a child’s education. We know that every student has an individual talent to nurture and by knowing every child as an individual, they are able to reach their full potential.