Curriculum Overview

Our programs are highly regarded and in 2018, we received an Excellence in Public Education Award and were nominated as a finalist for WA School of the Year. We implement expert, explicit teaching approaches that are innovative and reflect current best practice in education. 

Our early years’ programs have a balance between play-based, hands on and creative learning with more explicit teaching. These programs draw on children’s interests and lives to help students make sense of their world. Developing a strong foundation for children in the early years is vital for their development and success in the future. At Warriapendi Primary School we believe in a balanced approach of explicit instruction and intentional play that assists in developing the ‘whole child’. The middle and upper years’ programs take a strategic approach to fostering student independence, resilience and leadership through a focus on core skills in English and Mathematics. Our planned and outcome-based experiences allow our students to engage with learning in a developmentally appropriate way, where they are supported, scaffolded and extended.

Our students experience a variety of excursions and incursions, special theme days and school events which encourage them to participate in a wide range of extra-curricular activities and programs which develop student leadership skills, resilience and intellect. Our specialist teaching areas include: Science, Physical Education and Music. The language taught in Year 3 to Year 6 is Indonesian. 

At Warriapendi Primary School we value partnerships between students, staff, families and the community and embrace them as major influences within a child’s education. We know that every student has an individual talent to nurture and by knowing every child as an individual, they are able to reach their full potential.