Developing the habit of going to school every day is vitally important to ensure your child does not miss out on important ideas, concepts, knowledge and skills they need for future learning. 

Going to school every day helps children learn the important life skill of “showing up” – at school, at work, to support other commitments.

Did you know?

  • In the early years of school, many concepts, such as literacy and numeracy, are taught in a sequence. This means that if your child is often away from school, it can make it difficult to catch up later.
  • The Western Australian Telethon Kids Institute has found that the attendance habits set in Kindergarten and Pre-Primary are likely to continue throughout a child’s school life, so it is important for them to go to school every day.
  • The School Education Act 1999 requires all enrolled students to attend every day that their school is open.

School times

Classes open              8.30am
Classes commence   8.40am
Morning recess          10.50am – 11.20am
Lunch                           1.20pm – 1.50pm
Classes finish             2.50pm

Late students

At Warriapendi Primary School classrooms are open at 8.30am each morning. The school bell rings at 8.40am which is when formal learning begins. If your child arrives after 8.40am, they are late, which places hardship on your child and affects their learning. 

Absent students

Under Department of Education regulations, absence from school should only be for illness, medical or dental appointments.

Absences for all other purposes are discouraged. Students are expected to attend school for the entire day.

Additional Information

View the Attendance Policy in the policy section