Student Leadership

At Warriapendi Primary School we value student voice and leadership.  We encourage and support our younger students to aspire to be senior leaders and student councillors in their senior year.  We follow a democratic process with nominations, election speeches and voting.

Our Year 6 students can accept roles of responsibility in many areas within our school including becoming Head Students, Student Councillors, Faction Captains and Energy and Recycling Monitors.  All Year 6 students are involved in Playground Duty; this involves being positive role models to younger students and supporting their social/emotional wellbeing through strategies from the Magic Coat program.  Our students organise and support the fundraising efforts of the P&C, provide morning announcements, welcome honoured guests to our school and participate in formal events such as addressing the School Board at Board meetings and the presentation of merit awards at school assemblies.

Through leadership opportunities, our senior students are encouraged to develop civic responsibility, organisational and communication skills and growth within the C.R.O.W.N. (Confidence, Respect, Optimism, Willingness, Nobility) Values.  

Through the acceptance of responsibility, our student leaders have the opportunity to develop and practise their leadership skills in a supportive and safe environment.