School Board

The Warriapendi Primary Independent Public School Board’s role is to provide strategic guidance and monitoring of the school’s performance. It supports the school in increasing effective autonomy and flexibility to further improve the quality of the whole school program.

Members are elected for a maximum of three years and are elected from the staff, parent body, community and local business. The School Board operates separately to the P&C. The School Board meets once a term. Additional meetings may be called as required.

Board Members

Matt Pinkard (Principal)

Biljana Nekovska (School Board Chairperson)

Roxanne Righton (Associate Principal)

Heather Rao (Teacher)

Jo Swain (Parent)

Stacy Lloyd (Parent)

Rina Seechurn (Parent)

Kirsty Maroney (Community Representative from Warriapendi Child & Parent Centre)

Georgie Wynne (Community Representative from MultiLit Pty Ltd)

Teleisha Smith (Community Representative from Wadjuk Northside)