Principal’s Message

Principal – Matt Pinkard

Warriapendi Primary School is a high performing Independent Public School located in the metropolitan suburb of Balga. Our school has a long history of providing outstanding pastoral care and a holistic approach to the education of every student, every day. We recognise the important role that parents and caregivers play in the education of children and pride ourselves on the strong relationships that we foster and maintain between staff, students and the broader school community. One of our greatest strengths at Warriapendi Primary School is the rich cultural diversity our families bring with them, and our relentless focus on inclusivity from Kindergarten to Year 6. Students are proud of their heritage and learn about the beliefs and values of their peers. 

We are known for the high quality education offered at our school and the excellent academic results our students consistently achieve. Staff at Warriapendi Primary School engage students in quality teaching and learning programs every day. Skilfully designing and delivering high impact lesson via evidence-based approaches like Explicit Direct Instruction, all staff are committed to helping your child achieve success. There is a strong sense of shared ownership within the school, as staff work collaboratively to support individuals and help meet the needs of every student who attends. 

As reflective and responsive practitioners, our staff regularly engage in personal and professional development opportunities, maintaining high expectations of themselves and the students in their care. We have established links with local primary and secondary schools through the Swan West Network, regularly participating in and contributing to professional learning events that further enhance staff capacity. We continue to form new partnerships with external agencies and other high performing public schools to facilitate further growth for our school. 

To learn more about how we can support your child in their learning journey, I personally invite you and your family to arrange a visit to Warriapendi Primary School. Please phone (08) 9345 6100 for further information. 

Matt Pinkard