FAQ’s for Parents

Do we expect your child to complete school work?

Yes. We would appreciate the modified activities are completed to maintain as much learning as possible.

Will teachers be available to answer questions?

In short, we hope so, but this may depend on networks remaining up and running to handle the national demand and capacity. We would suggest emailing your teacher or responding through Connect.

If my child is ill will school work need to be completed?

Just like an absence from school, while your child is unwell, he/she does not need to do work. Please let the teacher know if this is the case.

What happens if my child’s teacher gets sick?

We will endeavour to let families know. If you have questions during this time, please send an email through to the school and we will support.

Is my child expected to work to the timetable?

Where possible it is encouraged that students stay to the timetable, however as this may not always be possible, we encourage students to work their way through the work in their own time and order.  Parents may choose to highlight work as their children complete it in order to keep a record. You may even like to have them in their school shirt while doing work.