Covid Room 5 Year 1/2

Dear parents and carers

There has been a positive case of COVID-19 at Warriapendi Primary School. On advice from WA Health, I am providing the following information.

They attended the Room 5, Year 1/2 class while infectious between Wednesday 30th of March and Friday 1st of April.

Please note that any student wearing a mask throughout the day in Room 5, Year 1/2 will not be a close contact. Additionally, any student who has recovered from being COVID-19 positive will not be identified as a close contact for 12 weeks following their isolation period.

Under very high caseload settings, children must take a PCR test or a RAT within 24 hours of becoming a close contact. Provided the test is negative, and the child has no symptoms, they may:

  • continue attending school provided they don’t develop symptoms;
  • attend before school care or after school care;
  • attend sporting or cultural training, practice, or events organised through the school and held immediately before or after school; and
  • travel between the student’s usual place of residence and their school, avoiding public transportwhere possible.

At all other times when they are not engaged in an activity listed above, these students should isolate at home. If these students have not developed any symptoms and returned either a negative PCR on day 6 or RAT on day 7, they may end isolation after day 7.

The end of isolation date and time for these students is: Friday 8th of April, 2:50pm

If a student develops symptoms or becomes a household close contact (for example, if a family member is confirmed positive), these arrangements above do not apply, and they must stay home and isolate for 7 days.

You can find out more about what to do if you are a close contact including testing dates at

COVID-19 PCR tests can be accessed at a COVID Clinic.

A list of clinics can be found at

Advice for all families and staff:

  • The school remains open.
  • If your child was not in this class at the same time as the case, your child is not a close contact.
  • As for everyone in Western Australia, we ask that you monitor your child/yourself for symptoms of COVID-19. If you or your child develop symptoms, please do not attend school. Get tested and isolate until you receive a negative result.

Please note that the Omicron strain can present with less typical symptoms such as diarrhoea, particularly in children.

If you have queries or concerns, please contact WA Health on 1300 316 555.

Kind regards
Jacob Slavin Principal
Warriapendi Primary School